Really Reel

– I’m having a problem.
“It’s not real, don’t worry about it.”
– Yeah but it feels real.
“A movie feels real too, your heart beats faster, the emotions are there.”
– Yeah but when the movie’s over, it’s over, my life continues.
“Scenes change, new characters are introduced, sequels happen: same — same.”
– But it hurts so badly, not like a movie.
“Your perception is the only difference — realize the fiction, it’s all the same.”
– How can I move on, it’s all I think about?
“Then think about it, savor the experience, enjoy it as drama.”
– I don’t understand.
“Live life the same, just appreciate its fictional nature.”
– Then what’s the difference?
“Your attitude changes, you appreciate the storyline, you’re entertained.”


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