Strange Feeling

For many, life is a horrible experience. And it’s true, the narrative we tell ourselves is a miserable one. And it’s not like we chose this negative perception of the world, it just sort of happened. And what’s worse, is that we think we’re perceiving reality, so we believe that we’re stuck with a horrible existence.

But it turns out, we’re not perceiving reality, we’re dealing with a fictional narrative. In fact, “reality” as a concept is pretty much meaningless since we can’t know what it is — all we can ever perceive are the tales that form in our heads.

For instance, it’s not a coincidence that many of us have the sense that life isn’t genuine. For example, we often imagine that we’re the only “real” person in existence, and everyone else is an accessory. We’d readily believe an alternate explanation for this world. And if life suddenly turned into something other that what we’ve seen so far, we’d likely be thrilled, proudly proclaiming, “I knew it! I knew there was something more!”

And it’s not that we’re insane, it’s that we’re correctly perceiving life as deceptive, but we’re not sure why. So we wonder: what’s going on here — something seems wrong! In actuality, what we’re perceiving is not an ultimate reality, it’s fiction, and that’s why something seems strange.

In summation: life feels strange and deceptive — and this happens because we’re not able to perceive a well-defined reality — we can only experience life through our thoughts, as a dramatic storyline. If we don’t realize this, confusing fiction for fact, life is unpleasant.


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