Snowy Saga

Snow has come, their slumber ceases. Bash! Bash! The crash of shovels’ blades — a fearsome war cry. Let white hills tremble, for Dragon’s Breath and Snow Saber rise once more!

From the mystical orient, forged from fires of its namesake, Dragon’s Breath, with crimson glow, burns through fallen snow. And swift Snow Saber, lightest of them all, dashing crystal knolls, ’til all turns black.

From plows brought forth from Devil’s chariot, compacting snow to ice, a barricade upon the exit forms. I summon ye: VULCAN’S HAMMER! Produced of Earth’s molten blood, a blade metallurgically cast in steel: CHH! CHH! CHH! With thy might! Smash apart this wall of ice!

Hard fought, yet the inevitable destiny of the triumvirate shines bright upon this day. No snow remains upon paths lined with piles of crystalline bodies, warning to those that may in future come.

Let loose thy blizzards, let snow drifts build to heights of homes. Bash! Bash! Crash of their blades! Dragon’s Breath — Snow Saber — Vulcan’s Hammer: the downfall of freshly fallen snow.


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