Integral Narratives

What separates humanity from the animal kingdom, but the narratives that accompany our lives. We perform many of the same activities as animals, but we describe our actions with embellished narratives.

He’s not a potential mate, he’s Prince Charming. We’re not consuming nourishment — we’re feasting during festivities, devouring well-deserved delights, all while observing a sacred day. We’re not procuring food and shelter for our young-ones — we’re an integral part of the global economy, leaders in our field, standing on the shoulders of giants, doing our part to contribute to human civilization.

Narratives play such a major role in our lives — there is literally no point to anything we do, until we contextualize it within an embellished narrative.

Without observation, existing and not existing are equal — in other words, there’s no point to existing if we don’t know we exist. And with the addition of a storyline, we turn the raw observation of facts into something worth remembering. Life as we know it is an embellished narrative.


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