Worlds Apart

I have a tendency to notice flaws in this world. I could launch into tirades against every societal institution in existence, believing them to be fundamentally flawed and the antithesis to truth and logic. I could tell you what’s wrong with every person I meet, detailing their irrational behavior. And, I could predict every negative result that is sure to follow any action.

But I noticed when I consume fictional stories, I don’t look for what’s wrong with the plot, I don’t dissect every character, I avoid pondering inconsistencies, I make no predictions of what might occur — I sit back and let the story take me on a journey.

I doubt that the fictional stories are perfect and immune to criticism. It’s more likely my accepting attitude that makes the difference. So why not accept this world with an equally open and forgiving perspective?

Why is my mind eager to look upon this world with disdain? I don’t know, but I recognize that it’s an unpleasant condition — and due to the inconsistency, it’s also unfair. So as much as it’s within my power to do so, I am committed to rectifying this situation. I cease my criticisms when I notice them and I watch with patience as the story of this world unfolds.


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