Fictional Intensity

When I look at the world I live in, I tend to be frustrated by its imperfection, so much so, that I want little part of it. Yet, I enjoy fictional tales where imperfection is a key element in the story, and it’s entertaining. While I don’t necessarily want to be a part of that fictional world, as an observer, I adopt it for the time being.

Perhaps it’s the short duration of the fictional stories that makes them more palatable — or the ability to walk away — but whatever it is, the experience seems to be of a lesser intensity. So if one were to try and make life itself more palatable, perhaps the key is in lessening its intensity i.e. perceiving life in a less serious manner.

So nothing really changes, it’s just that problems are no longer sources of misery, they’re interesting story elements that ultimately serve as sources of entertainment. Will you recover from that accident!? I can’t wait to find out! Will you overcome your loss!? Oh, so tragic! But exciting! Will you ever find true love after your breakup!? I hope so! You deserve it!


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