Manipulating Misery

The mind can make itself miserable. For years, I witnessed how my mind twisted everything, creating a dreary interpretation of life, filled with constant dissatisfaction. Truly unpleasant events occurred, sure, but EVERY circumstance was a reason to complain, to feel anxiety, to be unhappy.

At some point, I realized how my mind had this twisted interpretation of the world, and how it was my source of misery. I was eventually able to twist in the opposite direction, tearing down the dismal ideas — I began seeing life as satisfactory.

As of yet, my peak happiness is not as high as my lowest was low, but I believe it’s headed in that direction. And I’m not as cheery as someone born with that disposition, but my mind no longer lingers in pessimism. The negative thoughts still come, but they aren’t allowed to stay.

But that’s life isn’t it? It’s challenge, it’s something to do with our time. Should I sit on a porch whittling a duck from a block of wood, or should I discover the secrets of happiness? Which pursuit is more fulfilling? So, I can’t blame life for starting me off as miserable, instead I say: thank you life, what a worthy use of my time and intellect.

See, you can spin anything positively.


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