Vulnerable Deconstruction

Vulnerability: you haven’t actually been attacked or harmed, you’re just susceptible.

You’re making two guesses here: that you’re capable of being harmed in a particular way — and that this harm is likely to occur in the near future.

So in order to exist, vulnerability requires your imagination. You must conjure up potential harm, and you must predict the future.

If you want to prove your inability to predict the future, flip a coin 100 times and write down your prediction prior to each flip, then record the actual result next to it. If it turns out that you’re at least 80% accurate, go play the lottery. Otherwise, stop trying to predict the future.

Additionally, stop imagining all the ways in which you could be attacked or harmed. Does that sound like an enjoyable way to spend your time? It’s your imagination after all, so imagine something pleasant instead.

But the negative thoughts keep coming? Attack them, deconstruct them, don’t stop until they do. Can’t think of anything pleasant? Anything you keep imagining, just change the outcome to a favorable one.


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