All a Joke

Is life a permanent state of critical life-or-death decisions? For me? No. More than critical decisions, I’ve had to decide which particular foods I’d like for supper, which shirt matches which pants, which pair of shoes to buy, which TV shows to watch, which books to read. With decisions such as these filling up my life, who is going to say that “life” is a “serious” endeavor? It’s a joke. It’s for fun. It’s for entertainment purposes only.

But what about all those “serious” things that happen: people suffer and die! I think the contrast only serves to make the point. Can you imagine, I’m sitting in front of a television in the kitchen eating a delicious meal while debating whether to watch a cooking show or a show about buying new homes — all while some people are starving and living in deplorable conditions? It’s absurd.

I wondered how such disparity occurs, but then I got it: it’s a joke. Haha. So, haha, some people have a great time, haha, while others, ha, have a miserable existence, ha haha! Get it? Well, I suppose it’s dark comedy or gallows humor. It turns out that life was created by a comedian. I bet he appreciates poop jokes too.

Who am I to stand here wagging my finger at life, not appreciating the joke? Do I want to be the dweeb that frowns while everyone else is laughing and having a good time? No, I want to appreciate the joke — I get it! Haha! I get it!


One thought on “All a Joke

  1. Its a mad mad world. I am in awe, and I suffer deeply inside watching all of it. Yes, the joke is on all of us…the pain of being alive is tiring at best.

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