Burden of Proof

The burden is not on me to prove that the world is not what you think it is. The burden is on you to prove that your beliefs actually exist. Think about it: your reasoning has been wrong in the past, your perceptions can be fooled by illusions and trickery, and your ideas of life have changed over time — there is certainly enough reasonable doubt to show that you have no idea what’s going on here.

I’m trying to get you to understand this unknowableness, to the point that it overwrites your erroneous beliefs. Where have your beliefs gotten you? Confusion, pain, sorrow — you want this? Here’s the alternative: playful curiosity, enjoyment, and satisfaction with life. What does it take? It means trusting only what you can prove — which is nothing. You can’t prove anything, so stop pretending that everything is “real”. Take an honest approach to life and admit uncertainty.

Fear, frustration, sadness — these concepts are meaningless without certainty. When we doubt our perceptions, interpretations, and beliefs — nothing can significantly affect us — it’s as if this is all a play — we’re still swept up in the emotional ups and downs, but only so far.

So either prove this is “real” or admit ignorance. Notice how your thoughts are filled with certainty: “this will be bad”, “that guy is a jerk”, “this is embarrassing”, “I’m sad”, “I’m in pain”, “that thing is disgusting”, “I hate him/her/it”, “this is stupid” — but you have no idea what this life is and your interpretations are unprovable — with such an unsupportable foundation, it’s inappropriate to believe your judgement represents fact.

Not a single belief or opinion you have is provable, keep delving deeper and you’ll always run into a nebulous dead end. It’s a fantasy to believe life works in the way you think it does — from your nearsighted perspective, how can you know? So which is reality: all those beliefs about life that reside in your mind — or unknowableness?


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