Playful Perception

Perceive life playfully. Injury, starvation, disease, pain, loneliness, death — even these. We can partake in life’s drama, but only up to the point of misery — and then we let go, releasing our hold on whatever ideas are pulling us down.

We’re often swept up in the lives of fictional characters that suffer or die, we feel sadness but move on soon afterward. In our own lives, it’s possible to look at life with a similarly fictional attitude.

For those that find life a source of misery, cultivating such an outlook may be beneficial. How can such a perception be obtained? Prove that pain is a significant sensation, prove that all injury and disease come with dire consequences, prove that loneliness is a fate worse than death, prove that death is anything to fear. None of these things can be proven, which is why a playful perception of life is a valid outlook to adopt.

When we contemplate the lack of proof, asking why the concepts that describe life are so nebulous, we realize that we’re not so confident in our beliefs. We begin to understand that our beliefs were not truth, but just imaginative ideas about life. And once our incomprehension of life sets in, we realize that the only honest approach is a lighthearted frolic through life. It is a false confidence that leads us to believe we understand life and its consequences, but in truth, we are only ever children at play.


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