Provision of Aid

An excerpt from the fictional tales of Nathaniel Acorn.
Circa 1790. Massachusetts.

And what of you Eli, was your practice in law not made possible by your father’s assistance? And you Malcolm, was your shop not funded by your uncle’s investment? And you Samuel, was your crop not saved by the toil of your cousins that arrived in a time of crisis?

When we speak of government-provided aid, we intend it for those with family incapable of providing the support you so enjoyed. To say you were self-made men reliant upon your determination, is a mythology only suitable for building egos, and is an affront to our Creator and our community.

If church and charity were enough, we would not require government’s participation. Yet there remain those in need, proving that our varied and independent congregations are incapable of providing sufficient relief. It is therefore the work of government to make up for this shortfall, and provide for the common good.

Government is instituted among men to carry out the decree of our Creator, to manage the resources he provideth, distributing them according to what is just: meat to those who hunger, drink for the thirsty, and clothes to those without. Else, how shall we answer when gathered before our King, inasmuch we have done unto the least of our brethren, we have done unto Him.

I, therefore, with the eyes of the Supreme Judge of the world upon us, recommend we enact such legislation as to enable government-provided aid for those in need. To the detractors that say some may receive without merit, I say by what merit did you earn your family name and the station upon which you entered this life? It is our duty as a nation whose very foundation is freedom, to allow all within it, the opportunity to pursue their inclinations and to seek happiness. Shall some cheat, and take more than what is fair? There are cheats in all realms and endeavors, shall we abolish those as well? Nay, and in the spirit of brotherly affection, so all may benefit from our mutual good fortunes, let us perform our sacred duty, honoring His law, to love thy neighbour as thyself.


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