Loving Life

To love something, is to love life itself. Who or what we love is made possible by life. Life provides arms for embracing, lips for pressing, hearts for beating. Life creates the setting for gleeful anticipation and tender affection. The love of someone or something in particular is only a nearsighted view, stepping back reveals life as the object of our affection.

We’re often attached to specific aspects of life, but these are just parts of a whole, it is life itself we’re interacting with, it is life that we’re loving. And when we appreciate this, the details become less important, who or what we love is only the surface. In its entirety, life provides many facets of itself for us to enjoy.

And it is with this understanding that we can overlook life’s faults, forgive life’s transgressions, and devote ourselves to enjoying our relationship with life. If we’ve ever loved, known affection, felt joy, experienced delight, tasted deliciousness, or laughed — life made it possible. Every relationship has its ups and downs along with many misunderstandings, so we must be slow to anger, quick to forget, and ready to move past these rough patches.

Why should we feel as one with all of humanity, why should we be unaffected by the death of others, why should we not care whether our endeavors result in success or failure, why should we wear a perpetual smile, why should we never experience loneliness — because our friend, our beloved, our provider, is with us, is in us, within us all.


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