Life’s Banquet

Whatever event or circumstance arises, do not waver, accept it, welcome it. As participants in life’s banquet, it is our place to pleasantly accept what’s presented to us. How ungrateful it would be, to criticize what’s been provided.

When something enters or exits our lives: thank you, should be our refrain. And with hopeful anticipation, we are to await each course. Not every dish appears appetizing, but we try it with a spirit of discovery, for we may be mistaken. And not every bite suits our palate, but we celebrate the nourishment it supplies.

In the end, we have a simple choice: do we depart this gathering cursing our invitation, or do we praise our host and exit graciously. No matter what follows this life, it is certainly better to leave on the best of terms. And as guests, it is our role to engage and enjoy, so let us live up to our part, expressing delight, showing life our appreciation of its role as entertainer.


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