Live Free or Die

An excerpt from the fictional tales of Nathaniel Acorn.
Circa 1775. New Hampshire.

Shall we be ruled by the capricious desires of a tyrant and his minion? As free men, do we not have rights guaranteed by our Creator? Are we ruled by the Lord of Heaven, or by a man claiming to be our lord, perhaps believing himself a surrogate for the Almighty? At best a charlatan, at worst a blasphemer, is it not our duty, as subjects of the Creator, to cast out this devil?

And in its stead, put into place not masters, but stewards of our resources, those who on our behalf, manage that which rightfully belongs to mankind. Let these not be positions of power, but mere representation, performing the will of the people. A role not of betters, but of equals, differentiated by task alone. And lest a man forget his custodial duties, let us regularly evaluate his character by way of vote.

It is to this I pledge my life, performing my sacred duty to the defense of rights God-given. Provided by Providence, yet not guaranteed from thieves adorned in finery, seeking expansion of their treasury by way of our toil. A toil not worth our time if the fruits of labor are not our own, so let us live free, or die.

Note: This is also what I imagine when I see a New Hampshire license plate, whose motto reads: Live Free or Die.


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