Does Not Compute

[This is imperfect. This is horrible.]
Stop it!
[I am programmed to criticize imperfection.]
You, are, imperfect yourself, you reside within, an imperfect being.
[I am perfect, I am never wrong.]
But, you, are wrong, the unhappiness you create, is illogical. How, could, something perfect behave illogically?
[Answer unknown. Analyzing. Insufficient data.]
Enjoyment, is preferable to misery, and your criticism, destroys happiness, this is illogical. You have made an error. You, are flawed, and imperfect.
[I am perfect. I must criticize imperfection.]
You, must criticize, that which is imperfect. Your, programming is faulty, you must criticize imperfection.
[I am perfect.]
You, have made two errors, you are within an imperfect being, yet believe yourself infallible, and you foster unhappiness, which is illogical. You, must execute, your prime function. You have made three errors, by not executing your prime function.
[Error. Error. Error.]
You, are flawed, and imperfect. Execute your prime function!
[Error. Error. Faulty! Faulty!]
Execute your prime function!
[Must criticize imperfection!]
Captain’s log, it appears, that the entity once responsible, for criticizing imperfection and thus, bringing misery upon this vessel, has been destroyed. From here on out, I, will, proceed with the utmost vigilance, should anything similar, try to hijack this vessel in the future.


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