Routine Happiness

In my experience, a happy life comes from cultivating a comfortable routine.

A comfortable routine includes removing sources of discomfort, even moving away from them if necessary. It also includes living in a pleasant environment, surrounded by satisfactory people.

But shouldn’t happiness come from within? Yes, a comfortable routine includes a repetition of comfortable thoughts, but why make things harder than they need to be? Life has to be lived, so why not use some of that time to refine our exterior environment.

This is not a prevalent way of thinking because many people are waiting for one thing or event to come along, after which, they’ll be happy. But no thing or event creates long lasting happiness. Lasting happiness is a pleasant routine.

And no, boredom is not an issue. Everyone is doing the same things everyday, life is repetition. What is actually boring, is waiting around for something wondrous to happen.

Our daily efforts should be directed towards refining and fulfilling our comfortable routine.


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