Suffering Rejection

– Ouch, I’m so irritated, my head keeps buzzing.
“Hmm, that doesn’t sound enjoyable.”
– Ow! There it goes again!
“Ah, I think I understand now, that’s called hearing, it’s not a problem, that’s how it’s supposed to work. When sound occurs, your ears take it in and present it to you.”
– But it hurts!
“Well, you’re assuming that this particular sensation is harmful, and you’re interpreting it as pain, but it’s not harmful or painful, it’s just sound.”
– Oh? Oh.
“Once you get used to this perspective, the irritation will go away.”

Does suffering actually exist or are we misunderstanding life? Can we simply reject the premise of suffering?


One thought on “Suffering Rejection

  1. There is rejection
    There is no rejection
    There is rejection and there is no rejection
    There is emptiness
    There is no emptiness
    There is emptiness and no emptiness

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