Natural Talent

Perhaps a worthy society is one in which everyone is able to sustain themselves by their natural talents. The painter paints, he doesn’t crunch numbers. The singer sings, she doesn’t carry plates. The builder builds, he doesn’t supervise people. The mother mothers, she doesn’t fulfill orders. The animal lover tends animals, he doesn’t scoop ice cream. The green-thumb gardens, she doesn’t process transactions.

But what if someone’s talent is hoarding and exploitation? Doesn’t he require workers and a means of production? Although, perhaps this talent already had its turn as the dominant influence in society, and it’s time for others to utilize their talents to the fullest extent. To make this change, perhaps society awaits those whose talent is the ability to implement fairness. Are these people protesters, politicians, soldiers, philosophers, writers, or engineers? Will it be technology that brings about equal opportunity for all?


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