Seeking Repetition

We often think it’s something new and different we want. But that’s not true, we’re happiest when engaged in repetition. For instance, a loving relationship is comprised of repetition: hugs, kisses, kind words, a familiar face, it’s all repeated again and again. A rewarding career or activity constrains us to enjoyable routines, doing the same things day after day.

So we shouldn’t be searching for new things, we should be searching for things we can enjoyably repeat. There is often an incorrect association of repetition with boredom. But repetition is the essence of life and the heart of what we enjoy.

For instance, think of the breath, the ever-present reminder of our repetitive nature, a constant recurrence, we inhale and exhale, in, out, in, out. Just focusing on only our breath brings about a relaxed state of mind, an awakening through repetition.


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