You Mad

When someone says “don’t take life so seriously”, they’re correct. Taking life seriously is inconsistent with what’s actually known about life. Because there’s a potential that life is deceiving us and it may not be what it appears to be, we can’t know what life is, so it would be illogical to trust what we observe.

If we can’t trust what we observe, everything in life is no realer than fiction. To believe in a concrete reality, is to put faith in a guess. Could life be exactly what it appears to be? It’s possible, but life has yet to be adequately explained in terms of a concrete reality, so it may be more likely that the explanation lies beyond what’s observable, and life is being deceptive.

And the reason for even having this thought process, is to help dissolve unpleasantness from our lives. Even if this were a flawed concept, it’s still a useful mental construct that helps to make life easier for those that relate to it. Many people see life as an unpleasant experience because of how solemnly they process everything. But this type of thinking can help to disarm that mindset. Did something horrible just happen to me? No, nothing horrible can happen because life may not even be real.


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