Original Deception

There’s the potential that life is deceptive. In other words, life may not be what it appears to be. And if there is a deception, we may not be able to accurately explain the larger concepts and patterns of life.

Some points to consider:
– The world is very human-centric.
– Early in our lives, we become conscious, aware of our existence.
– The riddles of life never seem to get answered.
– Every person experiences a consistent stream of challenge in life.
– People seem to begin life with different levels of understanding and awareness.

These points make it seem as though life has a reasoning behind it. Life, humanity, and consciousness may not have been a coincidence that randomly occurred over the course of billions of years. For example, perhaps life is an observatory, and human bodies are the tour vehicles of bodiless beings.

If we base our understanding of the world on the assumption that life is not deceptive, we might be wrong, which means our understanding of life will be wrong. To just assume life is not being deceptive, is not a solid foundation for knowledge. Because it’s a possibility, we have to start with the premise that life may be deceptive.


2 thoughts on “Original Deception

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