Making Money

Some of our passions appear not to fall within the money/business realm. So how does one reconcile their non-money/non-business interests with the money/business game that currently defines the world?

We all need something to do with our time and energy. The money/business game is a system that provides many opportunities in which to focus time and energy. It is not necessarily a perfect system, but it may be one of the better systems in terms of variety. For instance, would we all like to pick berries and chase after deer all day? Or, perhaps we’d all like to plant and pick crops and herd grazing animals?

If just maintaining life was the ultimate in enjoyment, we’d probably be doing that, but we’re not. So, a game-like layer was placed on top of the life sustaining layer. And no, not everyone plays by the same rules and some people cheat and hoard and exploit others, but perhaps that’s part of the game.

It’s often the case that those with high-minded spiritual pursuits want to step outside of the money/business game as it seems corrupt and exploitative. But perhaps the counterpoint is that, this is life as it’s currently defined, and we need to make peace with it. We probably can’t shun a major part of life and expect to receive the most from it.


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