Land Outside of Time

– I don’t think the world is a very enjoyable place.
“It is a place where dreams come true and where exciting adventures await at every turn. How is it not enjoyable?”
– But the man on news and my aunt tell me how corrupt and wicked the world is. And my dad treats me horribly, so I tend to agree.
“There are places you can go where corruption and wickedness never go unpunished, and loving relationships are born and flourish, where magical beings roam the land.”
– Wait, are you talking about books?
“Books, shows, movies, plays, music, yes.”
– But those aren’t real.
“These forms of entertainment exist in the real world. They are man-made delights, like a cake is a man-made delight. Stories are sources of inspiration and provide a safe place in which to escape. You are where your mind is.”
– But I still have to return to the real world.
“And you can’t eat cake for every meal either, but it’s there waiting for you when you finish your vegetables. Consume stories in moderation.”


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