No Choice

In what way do we control life? For instance, what can we choose? The color of the shirt we’re wearing? And are we sure that an innate preference for a particular color didn’t make the choice for us? Was there even a choice to make?

Perhaps we don’t choose anything. Perhaps we follow a virtual route that’s laid out before us. And right now, we’re like a little kid in an arcade, smashing buttons and wiggling the joystick, pretending to play during the demo screen. But really, we’re not directing anything.

Why is this important to realize? Well why should we keep wasting our energy pretending we’re actually doing something, when what we are, is just the power of observation, we get to watch.

How can we have the power to control life if it takes an enormous amount of effort just to sit and think about a banana for the next ten minutes, nothing but a banana, without letting our minds wander. And if we can’t even choose to do a simple thing like that, then what choices can we make? When have we ever been able to force ourselves to do arbitrary things. Our mind and body require a reason to remain motivated.

As observers, we can watch as our minds and bodies perform. We can watch as we’re drawn to certain things, noticing how we’re entertained — and we can watch as we’re repulsed by other things, noticing our reaction. And when our energy is focused on observing our performance, instead of ineffectively trying to control life, the strain and difficulty goes away, we’re now doing what’s possible, we’re no longer pretending that we’re controlling life, and our life becomes authentic.


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