Future Civilization A6

It was realized that society is relatively easy to stabilize and its daily administration is dull. Because of this, “bold initiatives” and “mavericks” are not allowed in government. Those with the energy for disruptive change are directed to participate in competitive activities that do not disrupt the lives of others.

Long ago, it was realized that the competitive layer placed on top of human civilization was arbitrary. And those at the top of the old competitive layer, did not represent the ideals of humanity. Because of this, a new competitive layer was formed, one that was separate from the administration of society and its resources. For administrative positions, those with the ability to bring about peaceful cohesion and satisfaction, rise to the top — because in this age, diffusing aggression is a fundamental principle of society.

To stabilize society, it was necessary to establish the importance of every human being. No one is cast aside as unworthy of the resources and benefits of human civilization. If the treatment of illness is important to society, then everyone has a right to treatment. No one has a right to survive while others are ignored. Whatever right is valued by some, is granted to all.


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