Future Civilization A5

In this civilization, ends do not justify the means. Effort and ingredients are valued more than presentation.

For example, a plate of brownies is judged on the effort used to make them, as well as the purity and authenticity of the ingredients. The look and taste of the brownies is still important, but a “good” plate of brownies is not hastily assembled in 5 minutes utilizing a box of artificial ingredients. Fooling the senses with shortcuts and chemical trickery is seen as unappetizing, while authentic ingredients combined with effort, is recognized as delicious. Similarly, meat is evaluated on the humane treatment of its source, as opposed to flavor alone.

Also, what people say is evaluated by the validity of their statements, not their ability to persuade with empty arguments. Lies rarely occur because claims are investigated and not accepted by default. And people in high positions aren’t respected by default, their effort and the authenticity of their achievements are regularly evaluated.


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