Not Alone

What you’ve thought about, I’ve thought about too. Sure, the details vary, but the underlying way we’ve experienced life is the same. We’re not that different, people I mean. I’ve been angry, annoyed, ashamed, bored, curious, disappointed, disgusted, distrustful, embarrassed, fearless, frustrated, guilty, happy, hateful, hopeful, hurt, jealous, joyful, lonely, lustful, miserable, passionate, proud, regretful, sad, satisfied, scared, shocked, and worried — and so have you.

But the tragic part, is that not everyone realizes we have so much in common. We tend to isolate ourselves, thinking this life is ours, and our burdens are our own, but shared experiences are easier for everyone: a boring chore turns into a good time when a friend is there. We’re not going through this life alone.


One thought on “Not Alone

  1. Thank you. Sometimes my dreams feel so big and out of reach, and I am constantly reminding myself that other people have found success in this field, so I can to. I actually heard one of the most wonderful quotes today it was “ask not if you are worthy of your dreams, ask if you’re dreams are worthy of your life.” I forget who said it, but I just love it.

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