The Lame Game

I usually have mundane dreams, last night’s dream was unusual:

We’re in a small city-like area, starting with dense rows of houses followed by commercial buildings at the far end. Our group surmises that the goal is to reach the far end.

There appears to be a non-visible center line, which when crossed, the game is allowed to do anything it can to kill us. For instance, on the closer side of the line, the physical aspects of the city behave normally, but once the line is crossed, powerful winds and fire come out of nowhere and crush anyone that tries getting to the end. We tried sending a group of speeding cars through, but once they crossed the line they were thrown by the winds and consumed in fireballs.

Then the realization occurred: why are we trying to get to the other end? If we stay put, life would be livable, everything behaving as expected. Just don’t cross the line and we should be fine. Perhaps the point wasn’t to reach the end. Winning or losing a game leads us to the same place: Game Over. Perhaps our goal, as in any game, is to just enjoy ourselves.

But then again, an inner drive seems to be pushing us to try and reach the end zone. Are we unsatisfied just sitting in the safe zone?

4 thoughts on “The Lame Game

  1. Maybe the appeal is the danger and unpredictability that makes people want to try to get through the unsafe zone. “Live dangerously and you live right.”

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