Negative Consequences

Dear Rich, if I live in a virtual-world in which my thoughts become the reality I experience, why aren’t my wishes coming true?

As is written, “With great power, comes great responsibility”. With a negative mindset for instance, every ache would become a deadly disease. Every creak in the house would be a murderer slowly stalking you. In other words, your lack of manifestation is for your own good.

Jesus said, “He that already has, more will be given — but from him that lacks, what he has will be taken.” In other words, if you’re positive, you’ll keep accumulating — a positive plus a positive equals an even greater positive. In one sense, it’s like you’ve proven yourself to have a good enough attitude to handle finding what you seek. Whereas if you’ve got a mind full of negativity, then that negativity will keep chipping away at what you have until it’s even less. In other words, if you keep adding negatives to a positive, the sum will eventually go below zero. So in a sense, if you’re pessimistic, not receiving what you wish for is protecting you. But if you keep persisting in your negativity, you’ll eventually find what you seek.

So if you want your wishes to come true, you have to stop activating the wish fail-safe mechanism. If you have this fail-safe device, you’re likely on easy-mode, so the system is watching out for you (but it can only do so much). You have to prove you can handle such unbridled power by maintaining a positive mindset. For example: Phone rings! Are you suddenly filled with dread, expecting bad news!? Fail! Noise in an unoccupied area of the house! Is it anything but pipes expanding or wood settling?!! FAIL!! You feel a sensation somewhere in-or-on your body! Deadly-arachnid-bite or cancer??? FAIL!!! Someone you know just left the house! Is that the last time you’ll ever see them??!!! FAIL!!!! If any of this approximates your reactions to life, then good luck ever trying to get good results from wishing.

With a negative attitude, even if you receive the awesome thing you wished for, your negativity would just keep whittling it away until it was gone. Obtaining and keeping what you want will require a drastic change in your belief system — and you’ll need to practice until your reactions default to positive. It’s like any fitness regimen, you have to keep at it and integrate it into your lifestyle. Now wipe that pessimistic puss off your face and smile dammit! Twenty minutes of meditation followed by twenty minutes of positive visualization!!! DO IT!!!


Miscellaneous Beliefs

How can so many people hold so many varying beliefs? Are we each only able to grasp a mere fraction of sensory data, or are we all describing the same things just with different words, or are we literally creating the external reality that we individually perceive?

If we each only ever perceive a fractional amount of sensory data, we’d expect that our collected data would accumulate over time both individually and as a society — yet that’s not what happens, we’re as dumb as we ever were, repeating the exact same themes over and over and over again. Technology has the appearance of accumulating knowledge over time, but that’s about it.

Just to note, that’s not really true about technology building upon itself over time. If you examine it more closely, technology simply refreshes itself, changing its skin to fit the transforming scenery. Technology primarily deals with communication, entertainment, transportation, warfare, and household gadgetry. Letters become phone-calls, voice becomes video. Oral stories become books which become movies. Teams-of-horses become trains, horse-carriages become cars, boats/trains become planes. Rocks become bullets which then become missiles. Fire pits become stoves/ovens, ice blocks become refrigerators, candles become lamps. The purpose of each technological category is still the same: to communicate, to captivate, to travel, to dominate, to cook/clean/heat/cool within a dwelling. In other words: the overall narratives of humanity have stayed pretty static and the purpose of the props haven’t changed — only the way they look.

Are we all describing the same things just with different words? Everyone has there own perspective and we do interpret things differently, that’s true. For example, most of us imagine some force created the known universe and we just apply different labels. But that’s not an accurate depiction because our labels should overlap over time both individually and as a society. Additionally, this outlook presupposes a concrete external reality in which we all have access to the exact same stuff. And if we’re working with the same stuff, outcomes should be predictable. But that’s not true either — people and societies are often blindsided. One guy’s outcome can vary widely from another guy’s despite them both trying to do the same thing.

So, we’re left with option C. We are literally creating the external reality that we individually perceive. And not on a mere perceptual level, but on a summoning-into-existence level. What we seek, we find. Therefore, life is more like a lucid dream in which the reality we experience is projected outward from ourself, rather than a pre-existing concrete world in which we explore and consume. If we see something we don’t like for example, it’s our very own projection, an illusion that matches our turbulent mind. To control this dream, we must first calm the mind and direct its focus, projecting the most delightful scenes we can imagine.

In conclusion, the many varying beliefs exist because the world literally differs from one perspective to another. To some it’s a moss-covered rock, to others it’s a garden of Eden, to some it’s a hellish nightmare — it’s whatever the mind projects. As Hamlet said, “for there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so”. It is in our best interest then, to think the best thoughts. And to do that, we need to abandon our fears and suspicions about life, completely accept the paradise we’ve been provided, and live.

Orchestrated Existence

What we truly seek as individuals, is a harmonious interaction with existence. That is what happiness is. So as a musician within the orchestra of society, we seek to practice and perfect ourselves while integrating our developed skill with the whole.

But if we are an orchestra, who is the conductor? Do we simply self-organize — attempting to harmonize with our nearest neighbors? Do we listen for a melody we like and then attempt to implement it? Do we hear a tune in our head and just play, hoping it aligns with others?

We can individually improve till we become virtuosos, but without a common score, we’d be a cacophony. Does something maintain a rhythm by which we all march? Do we simply improvise until the discomfort of discord directs us into a coordinated composition?

Like any musician, we are not only players but listeners, enjoying sounds that flow out from ourselves, mixing and merging with the vibrations of others. And when our confidence rises we add in our own variations, altering the piece through finesse. As we improve our ability to operate our instrument and incorporate into the orchestra, we hear it — the melodic music of mortal being.

Overcoming Inertia

While we were leaving Florida after living there for five years, we considered buying a camping-trailer and a tow-vehicle. We even went to some RV dealers and browsed around. In the end, we decided against it and just stayed in some Home-Away houses when we got to the Northeast. But funny enough, when we started to look for a more permanent place to stay, we found a nice little mobile-home situated in a nice little trailer-park not far from the beach. It seemed the most affordable option too.

The funny part is that it’s just like we’ve been camping these past seven years. So not only did I get my wish of living in a trailer, but life knew me too well, so well in fact that it put me in a deluxe-super-upgraded version of a trailer. This place is easily at least three-times the size of a conventional travel-trailer, has 2 bathrooms, 2 bedrooms, a full-kitchen, living room, ample closet space, and a decently-sized yard. Not to mention that it’s located near attractions and amenities.

Hm, why am I moving again? I suppose in one sense we’ve been a bit stagnant. Although, being still is a way of life for me. But my friend came up with the idea to move — she doesn’t like stillness for too long. I think that’s fine, I mean how long can you reasonably camp in the same site — it’s been 7 years, time to move on. How moving back to the location we left in Florida is “moving on”, I don’t know — seems more like back-tracking to me.

I watch those International House Hunter shows on HGTV and I’m usually intrigued by the possibility of living in a completely different place. But I don’t have a job with international ties, I’m not a student, I’m not married to a European, I’m not independently wealthy, and my budget is a bit too small to get the locations I’d want. There I go with my lack-minded thinking again! I’m in the middle of sorting through stuff for the upcoming move by the way, which is why I’m rambling. What’s better than procrastination, I wouldn’t know.

Perhaps this is one of those situations where you’ve been home all along and only recognize it when you’re about to leave? Sniffle…. It’s like when you flip a coin — you only realize what you truly want when the coin is in the air and your fate is about to be decided. Really though, we’ve put down zero roots here, so it’s hard to imagine this as home. This place is familiar yes, but there’s nothing keeping us here but inertia. Well, back to sorting….

Mirthful Earth

I refuse to believe that life is about struggle, that survival of the fittest is a thing. If you believe this to be the ultimate foundation of existence, then you’re wrong. Whoops, try again. Now, can you choose to add struggle to a relatively easy life? Yes, most certainly. A video-game for instance, is an experience in which we engage for the purpose of overcoming obstacles — we like it because of the struggle. But make no mistake, the underlying purpose of that game, of life itself in fact, is to be entertained by the engagement.

With all this drama going on around us, you’d have to be willfully ignorant to maintain the delusion that life is merely random chance. If you simply take a look, you can perceive that the ongoings of Earth are nonsense. People parading around with all this pomp and circumstance, dressed in meaningful costumes plastered with face paint and hair styled for effect giving grand speeches of this and that and all sorts of hullabaloo. THIS is the culmination of millions of years of evolution?! Are you kidding me?

No my friend, you are currently engaged in a game of pretend — of this there is no doubt. And I tell you this not as social commentary, oh no — I’m not criticizing the silliness, I’m celebrating it! Welcome! You’ve kept yourself on the sidelines for so long, afraid to play — because to you, this was no mere game but a trial of life and death! You poor thing, your confusion must have made things so difficult. What you saw as dire consequence was just a joke.

To be fair, all of this is kinda obvious, you just kept on taking things so seriously. So do take some responsibility for your own fun deary. You’re welcome to see whatever you want. If you want to flush the poop without examining its nooks and crannies then go right ahead. No one said you have to eat everything at the buffet — just pick what you like. And you know what the host might appreciate? Perhaps some appreciation for such a grand gala. So wipe the puss off your face and seek something to smile about.

Aura of Success

If you treat life with love and appreciation, it’ll treat you likewise. Whereas if you’re fearful and insincere in your appreciation, life will respond accordingly. Also, you keep assuming life is an all-powerful realm that’s controlling you by marionette-strings, and that you should be afraid of such domination. But, it’s YOU that’s powerful, it’s YOU that shapes life.

Not to throw anyone under the bus, so I won’t name names, but I’ve seen this guy, he’s a “musical artist” despite the fact that he can’t sing, can’t dance, he’s weird looking, thinks he’s funny but isn’t, and has no perceivable charm whatsoever. Yet, he’s rich and famous. People even claim to be fans of his “music”! Huh!? There’s something way more powerful than dumb-luck at work.

He asked for success and life answered, there’s no two-ways about it. He’s basically my inspiration. I’m anything but charismatic, I don’t have looks or talent and no one finds me amusing — therefore I’m the perfect candidate for success!! For no particular reason, and don’t ask me why, but I call this philosophy The Drake Principle of Success.

Being several decades old, I’ve seen this pattern repeated MANY times: someone with no discernible talent achieves a state of unbridled success. People will chalk it up to luck or simply call detractors “haters” that don’t understand. But the pattern is there, and it keeps happening. A person believes himself successful and eventually enough people go along with it.

I’m going to start believing in myself, seeing myself as a crazy-successful guy. This in turn will create an aura of success. “Hey that guy’s obviously successful! Let’s give him stuff!”, “Hey I want to hear what Rich thinks about this, he’s always full of good ideas!”, “Wow I never noticed before, but boy Rich, you sure are a smart guy with plenty of talent!”.

First of all, I want to thank my fans for supporting me all this time, you’re the ones helping me to make this dream possible. I hope that through my success you can achieve your own dreams. And last but not least, I want to give a shout-out to the creator-of-all-things, whoever/whatever that may be, for the opportunity to live such a wondrous existence — for that I am truly grateful.

Review Section

Do end-users have a legitimate reason to complain about Earth?

Not everyone is good at playing every game. If you complain about a game to a player that’s good, he’ll scoff and tell you that you haven’t given the game a chance or you need more dedication. But not everyone has that kinda drive to devote to a difficult game.

Are most problems just noob issues that get sorted out with time? Or are there legit issues beyond beginner ignorance? Should these be addressed? Or do users even have the right to complain about a game they haven’t paid for? Maybe they should shut-up if they don’t like it? Is the game really free? Does it rely heavily on user-generated content? Are users themselves to blame? Is quitting really an option? Are complaints even addressed?

From my particular perspective, I’ve found Earth difficult to navigate. It rarely does what I want. But is that simply a misunderstanding of the interface? Well too bad I wasn’t provided with intuitive controls or an instruction manual. Is obfuscation simply part of the charm? Well I think controller-confusion is a legitimate complaint.

I’ve also found Earth too intense, my character’s too sensitive and I feel bombarded by stimuli. Yes I’ve had a relatively easy time externally, but internally I’ve been an anxious wreck. What was that!!!?? Oh. So I think over-sensitivity is another complaint. If I’m generating content from this perspective, it’s gonna suck, just sayin.

I’ve also found Earth a bit too open-ended. What the heck am I supposed to be doing? Start me off with some sort of quest perhaps — and make it obvious. It’s ridiculous the amount of time I just sit around doing nothing. So that’s another complaint: lack of goals to complete.

Yes, all those complaints could be noob issues, I’m aware of that. But that’s a legit problem then: the lack of beginner-friendly game-play. Some people are casual gamers, not grizzled hardcore elites that eat and breathe this stuff. Let me zone-out for awhile watching some in-game entertainment and then blip-in here and there, crushing whatever I come across. If this place is so great, why not make it easier?

Did I accidentally select hard-mode, over-estimating my skills? Um, that’s possible. But an even better game would adjust according to my ability. I’m in the need for some cheat-codes or power-ups right about now. Anytime devs!! Am I just bad at gaming? I didn’t think so, but apparently I am.

Oh and the matchmaking system sucks by the way. I found ONE person I legit like and they were literally born on the opposite side of the globe. I was hangin’ around for two decades in relative isolation before we met up. Again, maybe I’m the a-hole noob that has no idea what he’s doing, I get it — but I think a better ally/friend system could be devised.

Listen, this is an impressive game, no doubt. And if you’re balls-to-the-wall about it, you’ll love it and do great. But if you’re a filthy casual like myself, then it’s gonna kinda suck. It’s just too difficult and kinda dumb — character hygiene takes up a prominent portion for example — how exciting: time to shower, fix my hair, and brush my teeth — again. I’ll update this review if there’s an awesome turn-of-events that ends up surprising me — otherwise 2/5 stars. Sorry devs, I’m just not talented enough to play apparently.