Thug Life

The simple fact is this: if we could control the happenings of life, we would. We can’t, so we’re left with the choice of frustration or acceptance. But if we can’t accept life, we must realize frustration is not an effective form of protest. The only available act of rebellion against life, is perceiving it as pure amusement. If we’re tired of life’s brutality and injustice, then we must laugh in its face — transforming cruelty into absurdity. And at all times believe: it’s only a joke.

Wicked Treasures

The fictional tales of The Gentleman from Massachusetts
Circa 2014. Massachusetts.

If there is any doubt of the corruptibility of both commerce and government, one need only look to the vile institution of slavery, once so prevalent in practice and law — a century of legal for-profit brutality, with repercussions lasting even longer. And make no mistake, these were not simple folk from simpler times, many of the era denounced its villainy. So I ask you, is it not possible for evil to take the reins of this nation? I dare say it is.

From this nation’s inception, we witnessed a market unrestrained, motivated solely by profit, committing crimes of unimaginable horrors. And we witnessed the use of such ill-gotten gains, these profiteers purchasing protection within government, further entrenching their power. And reason would not sway, an appeal to righteousness and goodwill fell on deaf ears — it was not until lead and fire came to their doorsteps, that the lawfulness of this peculiar institution came to an end.

The historic narrative reveals that those on a corrupted path will remain so until acted upon by an opposing force. Now this force need not be violent, but an unyielding resistance must exist. If we in our time lack opposition to exploitation and corruption, then we welcome these conditions with open arms. Simply expecting those with power to act for the common good is never enough — we can witness the ineffectiveness of logical and polite discourse throughout history.

So who will protect us from such abuses? It has only ever been the coordinated efforts of the people, in a force of solidarity, that restrains such misconduct. But as always, this slumbering giant must be awoken to the parasites feeding upon his flesh. He feels the sting, scratches in vain, but knows not the cause or cure. He simply believes his pains result from the natural ebb and flow of a system he does not understand — but these sores are the concerted effort of exploitation, of predators preying upon the people’s trust.

Sugar Coated

We can observe a well established pattern: the world consists of constant struggle. And times of momentary peace do not foretell, but merely sustain the chaotic state. Therefore, if we attempt to rely on this world for stability or tranquility, we will suffer.

Taking life as it is — this nearsighted perspective cannot satisfy. Happiness is attainable only when we broaden our perspective beyond what we perceive with our senses. External stimuli are too often unpleasant and unstable to be relied upon.

Some attempt to escape the unpleasantries of this world by using methods of this world, but instability can not cure instability. To enjoy life, to find satisfaction within this world, we must utilize an approach outside the boundaries of sensory perception.

This ability is established within us, ever-present, and honed through repeated practice. What allows us to see what isn’t present, is our imagination. Through our creativity we are able to piece together the events of this world into a narrative we can not only tolerate, but appreciate.

Sweetly coating life’s happenings, connecting occasions to favorable outcomes, finding ways to adore every passing episode — this is happiness — shaping the life we live into the life we treasure.

Chaotic Division

Although I enjoy the sound of it, the flow and its logic,
what basis does solidarity have within this world?
If humankind is not united after many thousands of years,
why would it ever be?

Driven to differentiate and segregate,
even geography induces divergence in appearance and speech.
Active conflict takes precedence over static unity,
fervent fluctuating pieces opposing a solid motionless whole.

E Pluribus Unum

The fictional tales of The Gentleman from Massachusetts
Circa 2014. Massachusetts.

Many believe this nation won a war over half a century ago. But friends, that war was not won, the enemy only lay dormant. The enemy was, and always will be, the idea of difference amongst people, that some are better than others, and deserve more.

When we place others within groups and proclaim one of higher value than another, we plant the seeds of ruin. Because when times get tough, who will bear the brunt of sacrifice? And in better times, who will endure exploitation?

This enemy does not have a face, but rests within the minds of mankind. In that time not so long ago, those within this nation fought to suppress this enemy, winning the battle, and so created a period of unity and prosperity unseen in the modern era. But it has returned.

With ignorance of its true form, believing themselves victors, the people lost their vigilance. Friends, now is our time to combat this pestilence, this disease of the mind. Laws placed upon bodies can not endure, as it is only through the unity of our collective consciousness, that this war can be won.

Tearing down the borders between us and them, we are left as one. Believing ourselves created from a single source, without distinct worth, sharing the same struggles, only then will we realize our full potential, only then will we form a united whole, and only then will we as a people ever truly prosper.

Historic Lamentations

The fictional tales of The Gentleman from Massachusetts
Circa 2014. Massachusetts.

Friends, I do not recommend an examination of history — not even a casual glance. Because within the historic narrative, lies the needless suffering of a people already past. But if you do peek, it will certainly leave no lasting impression upon you, as history is so oft repeated, it is surely a waste of time.

Why, just look at The Great Depression of yesteryear, a calamity not induced by natural disaster, but by the mismanagement of the nation’s vast resources. So much suffering, yet necessities were plenty, just poorly shared amongst the people.

And not until the introduction and enforcement of a massive and unprecedented realignment of the nation’s riches, did needed recovery come. And so powerful was this redistribution of wealth and influence, that it created the most prosperous generation within this nation’s history.

But those that were born of this prosperity were not those that bled for it, so it was not precious — it was simply how life had always been. And with fading vigilance, came fading fortune, and the good-times became a quaint blip in the historic narrative.

Of course, we could simply study the historic record and the well-documented repercussions of particular conditions and their proven solutions — but by no means should we do this, friends. No, let us instead fall prey to the propaganda of parasites that feed as we fall upon our self-destructive path.

Dirty Hands

The more a civilization relies on advanced technology to sustain itself, the more its foundation is built on what it does not understand. If something breaks, the civilization may crash, and primitive methods may be insufficient or forgotten.

Therefore, a goal of any civilization should be locally sustainable farming and manufacturing. While advanced technology is a worthy endeavor, it must be a layer on top of society, not its foundation. This, coupled with the human need for fulfilling activity, means humanity should seek direct experience with its surroundings.

In other words, what should the bulk of society be doing with its time? Should people play an active part in their own maintenance, harmonizing with their environment — or should they receive food pellets, becoming sheltered from nature while transported to jobs with outcomes too frivolous to appreciate?

Multitudes languish in roles without meaning, no sense of purpose or fulfillment — so why not seek the authentic life? Hands dirty, shaping their surroundings, communities growing and building what they consume. Or alternatively, continue on the path to isolation, eyes fixed upon screens, consuming an artificial experience created within remote factories.